Disaster recovery locations

Part 7: Disaster Recovery Locations

Part 7: Disaster Recovery Locations In the last post I talked about what information is needed to develop a disaster recovery (DR) plan. The plan should include a table of all of the servers and systems that need to be recovered and what order they should be recovered in as well as recovery point objectives […]

Part 5: High Availability (HA)

Part 5: High Availability (HA) Let’s start out by defining what high availability is. High availability (HA) refers to systems that are durable and likely to operate continuously, without failure, for extended periods of time. HA implies that parts of a system have been fully tested and, in many cases, the system design incorporates redundant components […]

Part 4: Data Archiving

Part 4: Data Archiving Most organizations need to archive data for either compliance or other legal reasons which, in turn, drive the archiving policies. The archiving policies will determine what data needs to be archived, how frequently it needs to be archived, and how long it needs to be kept. For most organizations, not all […]

Part 3: Disaster Recovery Backup and Restore Media

Part 3: Backup and Restore Media In the last post I touched on a couple popular schedules for backing up data, but I didn’t mention what the data is getting backed up to. I also introduced the 3-2-1 rule for backups, here is a quick  reminder on that rule: There should be three copies of […]

Part 2: Backup Solutions and Restore Policies

Part 2: Backup Solutions and Restore Policies I am going to start this post with the most important thing I can say about backup solutions. Backup solutions are useless if you can’t restore from them. Backup solutions need to be monitored to make sure there are no serious errors that need to be fixed, and […]

Part 1: The Need for Data Backup and Restore Capabilities

Part 1: The Need for Data Backup and Restore Capabilities Since the time of the first digital computers the need to keep data safe and available has been a primary concern. In the early days, data backup was simple. Once something was loaded into memory, it could be saved off to tape or punch cards […]