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Secure Your Business with EDCi's Access and Identity Management Solutions

EDCi offers Access and Identity Governance solutions that streamline processes and policies to manage user access rights effectively.

Access and Identity Governance

Ensuring the right people have access is crucial for your organization and efficiency. Our Access and Identity Governance focuses on this critical aspect of Identity and Access Management (IAM). We provide streamlined processes and policies tailored to manage and monitor user access rights effectively. This ensures compliance with your internal policies and aligns with regulatory requirements, keeping your operations secure and compliant. 

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions: At the heart of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy is the need to protect against cyber threats effectively. Our Privileged Access Management solution is designed to control and monitor privileged access to your critical resources. It combines technology, processes, and people, providing comprehensive visibility into secret accounts’ use. Implementing PAM is essential for preventing unauthorized access, detecting malicious activities, and mitigating data breaches.

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Secure Your Business with EDCi's Identity and Access Management Solutions

Learn more about our Access and Identity Governance, SSO and MFA solutions, and Privileged Access Management services. Let us help you balance security and user experience, streamline your processes, and keep your operations secure and compliant.

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