Healthcare context within your contact center application

EHRConnect® transforms your industry agnostic CCaaS application into a best-in-class healthcare experience platform. Through real-time EHR data integration,  users can realize the value of advanced interoperability that empowers CCaaS features for healthcare specific interaction intents.

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Empathetic experiences enabled through your healthcare data

By utilizing EHRConnect®, you can provide exceptional patient and agent experiences through conversational AI, CX analytics, and WFM needs across all channels of engagement (Voice, Digital, SMS, Email, Fax). Healthcare organizations that utilize EHRConnect will realize differentiation of their patient activation, access, care planning, discharge, and health monitoring call center driven experiences.

Appointments Meet Access

EHRConnect® offers inbound and outbound appointment automation via text, voice, or chat channels to confirm, cancel, schedule, reschedule, or get more information about their appointments. EHRConnect integrates in real-time, so any changes made to the appointment are recognized instantly. We put the appointment back in the patient’s hands, no matter what the channel.

Health Literacy at Scale

Through predictive self-service features, guide the patient throughout their entire healthcare journey. Even when responding to a simple appointment reminder,  the EHRConnect® platform looks for ways to assist the patient with other healthcare needs, such as prescription refills, care gaps, and referrals. An approach to provide a comprehensive communication solution for multiple needs with an aim for a first-call resolution.

Agent Valued Patient Outreach

Your agents are busy, and they often run out of time to perform the outreach your patients need. EHRConnect® offers automated outbound solutions using real-time integration and advanced notification capabilities to solve this. Services include referral management, post discharge follow up, welcome packets, preventive wellness outreach, and care pathways to just name a few.

Bill Pay Your Way

EHRConnect® offers early-stage patient collection features such as automatic overdue notices, flexible communication options based on payment propensity, and self-service billing. It also ensures secure payment processing by pausing all recordings when agents enter a patient's credit card number.

Agent = Patient Representative

Provide your team with up-to-date patient data during every interaction. An authenticated and known patient allows for empathetic interactions to become the normal, not the exception.  EHRConnect® provides your team with the information they need to have a better understanding and provide better care for those you serve.
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