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Advanced Network Security

EDCi offers advanced network security solutions to safeguard your digital space. Our Firewall and IPS, Automated Policy Management, Zero Trust Implementation, and Advanced Malware Protection protect against threats. We also offer Network Access Control and Network Segmentation and Design strategies for operational flexibility and robust protection.

Cisco Secure Firewall

Firewall and IPS: Your network is safeguarded with our advanced system that controls traffic and proactively blocks threats, ensuring your operations are secure and efficient.

Automated Policy Management: We streamline your security protocols across all environments, simplifying management and enhancing protection through automation.

Zero Trust Implementation: Our approach to zero trust security seamlessly integrates with your network, offering robust, automated access control.

Support and Integration: We provide continuous support and easy integration of our firewall into your existing infrastructure, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Ongoing Assistance: Our team is dedicated to offering regular maintenance and expert advice on compliance, keeping your system optimal and compliant.

Advanced Malware Protection

Global Threat Intelligence: We tap into global intelligence sources to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring your network is prepared and protected before these threats even reach you.

Real-Time Malware Blocking: Our system instantly blocks known malware using an extensive database of file signatures. This means immediate protection against recognized threats, keeping your network safe and uninterrupted.

Dynamic File Analysis: We employ cutting-edge techniques to scrutinize files dynamically for malicious behavior. This is crucial for catching zero-day threats and new, unknown malware types, offering a robust defense against even the most elusive dangers.

Behavioral Analysis and Machine Learning: We leverage behavioral analysis and machine learning to continually enhance the system's ability to detect and analyze patterns of malicious activities. This evolving intelligence means your network is increasingly adept at recognizing and thwarting complex threats, securing your digital space now and in the future.

Network Access Control

Operational Flexibility and Security: We provide a security solution that increases your network's safety and offers operational flexibility. You'll gain intelligent insights for better network management, helping you stay informed and in control.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Transition: Our NAC solution eases transitioning from traditional infrastructure to Infrastructure as Code, aligning access and policies with your business strategies. This makes your network more agile and responsive to your business needs.

Deployment and Integration Support: We offer expert support to ensure our NAC solutions' smooth deployment and integration into your existing IT infrastructure. Our goal is to make the process hassle-free and efficient.

Security Compliance Consulting: Our team provides knowledgeable advice on compliance standards and best practices. This ensures that your NAC implementation is effective and complies with industry regulations, maximizing its effectiveness.

Resilience and Threat Response Strategies: We develop strategies using NAC tools to enhance your network's resilience and your team's ability team's ability to respond effectively to security threats. This proactive approach keeps your network safe and your operations running smoothly.

Network Segmentation and Design

Customized Segmentation Strategy: We understand that every business has unique needs. We help you develop a segmentation strategy tailored to your business requirements and security goals. Our focus is to ensure your network is optimally organized for top-notch performance and ironclad security.

Limitation of Cyberattack Spread: In the event of a cyberattack, our segmentation strategy contains the threat within a single segment. This prevents it from spreading to other parts of your network, significantly reducing potential damage.

Protection for Vulnerable Devices: We pay special attention to devices with limited security defenses. Our strategy shields these devices from harmful traffic, providing an extra layer of protection where it's needed most.

Reduced Compliance Scope: Our segmentation approach can isolate systems subject to specific regulatory compliance. This enhances security and reduces the overall burden and cost associated with compliance. You get a more efficient, compliant network that aligns with industry standards, saving you time and resources.

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