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Elevating Customer Experience with Cloud and On-Premise Solutions

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Meeting Customer Expectations

EDCi delivers cost-effective, high-value technology solutions designed to lower operational and maintenance costs while boosting customer care performance. Our contact center solutions are crafted to refine metrics, enrich customer interactions, and streamline business management to meet your performance goals. We excel in optimizing current technologies while integrating new solutions to enhance your operations.

Our approach starts with a deep dive into your business objectives, existing investments, and strategic priorities. This enables us to develop a tailored, budget-conscious technology investment plan spanning 3-5 years, aimed at achieving your long-term vision.

Where Innovation Meets Customer Satisfaction.

Bots and Conversational AI

EDCi elevates customer interactions with custom bots and conversational AI, automating services and enriching experiences with smart, real-time support. Transform and scale your customer engagement effortlessly with our cutting-edge AI solutions.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics provides a method to analyze valuable information affecting various business areas, including contact centers, marketing, business intelligence, and executive offices. EDCi offers real-time information that can turn data into actionable insights, featuring Multi-Lingual Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech capabilities.

Integrations / Custom Applications

EDCi has extensive experience with both pre-packaged and custom application integrations, streamlining information sharing across enterprises. Developing award-winning custom applications, these integrations enable more efficient and effective operations for agents and businesses.

Business Process Automation

EDCi improves efficiencies for both external and internal customers through process automation, involving process redesign and technology leverage. Tools include Communications-Based Systems, Time Tracking, Monitoring & Alerts, Reporting & Data Management, and Accounting & Human Resource Programs.

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Contact Center Functionality

Providing high-quality service becomes increasingly challenging as end users become more technology-savvy and expect various options for interacting with your company for customer service. EDCi aims to be your one-stop customer care shop, enabling you to exceed your customers’ expectations with a unified communication approach for handling multichannel customer interactions. This approach offers real-time visibility into performance and tools to better manage your business, including Call Recording, Outbound Dialer & Notifications, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), and Real-Time Presence Management.

Multi-Channel / Omni-channel Access

Omni-channel solutions offer advanced routing for all interaction types – from voice to emails, web chat to SMS, and social media to video chat, focusing on unified communications. Agents receive a unified customer view across all channels, while managers can allocate resources based on traffic, enhancing service through a universal desktop. Unified reporting tracks interaction types and agent resources for continuous improvement, also addressing Self-Service and Mobile Applications.

Workforce Management / Optimization

Workforce optimization and management tools, including sales forecasting software and automatic scheduling, eliminate the cost and complexity of managing separate WFM solutions. These tools ensure the right staff with the right skills are available at the right time to meet service levels, incorporating Long-Term Forecasting, Quality Monitoring, and Gamification.

Continuous Improvement in Contact Centers with Cloud Innovation

Embrace EDCi's contact center solutions to harness the power of continuous improvement and cloud innovation. Our approach integrates real-time performance insights, advanced analytics, and omnichannel capabilities, ensuring your services evolve alongside the ever-changing cloud landscape. We find creative ways to enhance your business using existing resources, adapting to the latest updates and technologies. With EDCi, you can continuously refine customer interactions, optimize workforce efficiency, and stay ahead in delivering exceptional service in a dynamic cloud environment.

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