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EDCi Welcomes Jamie as Director of Microsoft Solutions

March 13, 2024

We are thrilled to share that Jamie Gunn has been appointed as the new Director of Microsoft Solutions at EDCi.  

Jamie is a true expert in Microsoft Solutions, demonstrated as a top 1% worldwide Microsoft Azure implementation and a leader in Microsoft Cloud Technology. He has led solutions in some of the most complex environments while maintaining a pragmatic approach, driving consensus, and getting buy-in from all stakeholders.   

As EDCi continues to grow and invest in our partnership with Microsoft, we're excited to have Jamie's 20+ years of experience on board. He specializes in simplifying technology complexities, fostering collaboration and innovation, and using Microsoft Cloud solutions to help businesses exceed their goals. With Jamie leading our initiatives, we're confident that we'll see great success in delivering tailored solutions to further our work in CoPilot, Azure, Business Automation, and Security. 

At EDCi, we're dedicated to providing modern workplace solutions that empower employees to work from anywhere while keeping data and systems secure. Our focus is on enhancing business processes and automation while using data-driven insights to drive profitability. With Jamie's expertise, we're excited to take our services to the next level and continue providing the best solutions for our customers. 

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