Bill and Jake at EDCi

Promotion Announcement: Jake Beyer & Bill Raab

March 28, 2023

EDCi is thrilled to announce the recent promotions of Jake Beyer and Bill Raab!

Jake at EDCi

Jake has been instrumental in growing the Customer Care group. He originally joined EDCi in 2007 as an engineer and over the years has expanded his responsibilities to include sales and consulting. Jake has developed new strategies, was a key player in the inception of our EHRConnect software, and has strengthened relationships with key EDCi partners, which propelled our growth. This growth has taken our Customer Care business outside of the Midwest, to now being a national player. We're excited to announce that Jake is being promoted to Vice President of Experience.

Bill at EDCi

Since 2008, Bill has brought his passion for technology and sales to EDCi. Under his leadership, the data center teams have navigated numerous demanding transformations with remarkable success. Bill brings forth extensive expertise as a strategic sales leader in the technology industry that has been crucial in driving the team’s achievements. Today he manages and motivates our sales force, driving the success of our organization. We're excited to announce that Bill has been promoted to Vice President, Data Center Sales.  He will continue to lead the sales teams through innovation, in addition to managing EDCi Data Center vision for future growth.

Please join us in congratulating Jake and Bill on these new roles. We look forward to the future at EDCi

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