Celebrating Women's History Month at EDCi

March 28, 2022

March is Women's History Month!

In honor of women’s history month, EDCi would like to highlight some of the amazing women we have contributing to the success of the community, company and world at large.

Read along with us as we share advice, experiences, and so much more about a few of the women behind the scenes at EDCi!


Liz Y.

The most rewarding part of a tech career is how much I’ve learned over the years and continue to learn. I work with some brilliant people and learn from them every day. Literally.

To all the young girls out there who have an interest in the technology field, I say, Do it. All fields are better with a diverse group – from gender, education, race, income, whatever…diversity in IT will improve it overall.

Lastly, if you’re interested in working in tech – you should have the ability and desire to:
1. Work on a team. Recognize that while you are "able" to work alone, working with others creates much more success
2. Learn and grow in your field, personally, professionally
3. Be transparent

Patti O.

The most challenging aspect of a tech career is that the industry is always changing. Keeping up with the latest software and best practices is an on-going process. On the flip side it means we are always learning new things, which I enjoy.

Part of my job that I love, is that we get to build things and help make other people’s jobs easier. With software development, you get to see what you are developing, test what you are developing (which is cool to see the results), and then get to have other people use it. When someone tells you how much time you saved them or made something easier it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

To all the girls interested in tech out there… Go for it! Anything you put your mind to you can accomplish. Technology is no different. I currently lead a First Lego League team comprised of Girl Scouts, so it’s never too early to be exposed to programming/robotics. There are numerous STEM programs out there around all areas of technology, find one and give it a try!

When it comes to working in tech, I believe the top three essential skills are:

Perseverance. It’s important in Tech and in any job, you want to tackle. Failure is going to happen, make sure you learn something, pick yourself up and try again.

Communication. Make sure you understand the needs of the customer you are working for and communicate with the people you work with to get the task done. Being on the same page is important.

Positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will help you engage with customers and put a smile on people’s faces around you. It’s always easy to look at the negative side of things, being positive will benefit yourself and your team.

Sarah S.

I am amazed and impressed by the women in this industry and the level of representation here at EDCi. I get to work with the best team ever.  The camaraderie paired with the fact everyone will link arms and do what it takes to get it done is lovely to be a part of.  And I’ll never stop being amazed by how every day we’re creating something that didn’t exist the day before.  What’s not to love about that?

My advice to young girls interested in tech is to do it… everyone should do what they love, and as noted above, you’ll be in great company. Lastly, I’m motivated by being able to look back at my day and be proud of what I did.  That I accomplished something at the edge of my skillset while putting positive energy out to the people I touch.

Sarah H.

While I’m truly blessed to carry on the family business, following in my grandpa and dad’s footsteps, I also carry with me each day the wonderful life lessons learned from the fabulous women in my family.

My Grammy:  living live with a free spirit keeps the mind sharp and the heart full

My mom:  life is too short to be anything but your true self…when all else fails, drink more water and take Advil

My sister:  you don’t have to be a musician selling out arenas to be a Rockstar

My daughter:  take whatever life throws at you, look it straight in the eye and say “let’s do this”

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