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Maximizing Staffing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction: How knowledge management can transform your self-service operations

Steve Alix
September 14, 2023
September 14, 2023

Customer service environments are continuously changing at a rapid rate. Staff turnover is driving the demand for effective knowledge management solutions for both customers and agents.  

Upon employee departure there is a knowledge loss which can lead to a handful of problems, including: 

  • Compliance issues such as risk of knowledge loss or hoarding
  • New hires slow to train and onboard
  • Inefficient collaboration
  • Loss of specialized skills
  • Poor customer experience

Self-service knowledge management must be prioritized to overcome these obstacles while creating an easy to use and intuitive experience for agents and customers alike. 

Creating Comprehensive Knowledge Bases

Self-service knowledge management can take many forms. One common approach is to provide a searchable knowledge base of frequently asked questions and solutions. This can include articles, videos, and other multimedia content that helps customers quickly and easily find the information they desire. In addition to searchable directories, there are automated support tools such as bots and virtual assistants. These tools can provide customers with personalized support, guiding them through common tasks and answering their questions in real-time. By automating common support tasks, businesses can reduce support costs and free up support staff to focus on more complex issues. 

Contact center agents have similar knowledge requirements to drive efficient and effective interactions. By providing agents with access to a comprehensive knowledge base, they can quickly find answers to customer questions and provide solutions to common problems. This reduces research time, improves efficiency by minimizing transfers, and enhances satisfaction for employees and customers, ultimately reducing organizational costs and creating positive experiences.  

The Solution

Genesys Cloud Knowledge Workbench provides an intuitive platform for creating and managing knowledge base content, making it easy for businesses to provide self-service support to their customers. 

Genesys Cloud Knowledge Workbench is a cloud-based knowledge management platform that provides businesses with a centralized location for creating, managing, and sharing knowledge across their organization. The platform enables businesses to create comprehensive knowledge bases that can be accessed by customers and employees alike, reducing the workload on support staff and improving the overall customer experience. 


In conclusion, effective knowledge transfer management is vital for maximizing staffing efficiency and customer satisfaction in self-service operations. By addressing knowledge loss, businesses can overcome compliance issues, improve onboarding for new hires, foster efficient collaboration, and enhance the customer experience. Tools like Genesys Cloud Knowledge Workbench provide a centralized platform for creating and sharing comprehensive knowledge bases resulting in streamlined support, reduced costs, and positive experiences for employees and customers alike. Embracing knowledge management transforms self-service operations and elevates performance in the dynamic customer service landscape. 

Ready to revolutionize your self-service operations and take your customer experience to the next level? Get in touch with our experts at EDCi to maximize staffing efficiency and customer satisfaction today!

Meet the Author
Steve Alix
Steve has over 10 years of experience working in the Contact Center industry. He has spent the last few years in the healthcare industry, working with providers to augment their patient experiences.
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