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Celebrating Customer Service Week: Investing in your Team

September 27, 2023
September 27, 2023

This year’s Customer Service Week falls in the first week of October and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the festivities.  In this blog post we’ll dive into tools and employee development opportunities you can implement to invest and honor the employees who stand at the forefront of brand interactions.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our last blog on work-place fun you can implement throughout Customer Service Appreciation week – including decorating, interactive games, gift ideas, and more!

Well-being is More than a Trend:
Consider how you can make the workplace better in the long run. Prioritize well-being initiatives like in-person mental health access, massages, meditation, or fitness memberships. A healthier team translates to happier customer interactions.

Tools for Triumph:
This week, reimagine efficiency. Consult your team to identify their challenges, then introduce tools or resources that streamline their efforts. Removing friction cultivates a more empowered team. One great tool to consider is Thrive.

Contact center stress is unavoidable, but commutative stress is preventable. With Thrive you can help prevent agent burnout while increasing productivity.

Studies show that your brain works differently and learns new skills when you take short breaks often. Thrive Reset embeds well-being directly into the contact center experience. Each Reset is a science backed, 60-second break to help agents reduce stress-triggered at moments when they need it most.

Neuroscience shows that it only takes 60-seconds to course correct from stress. Thrive Reset embeds well-being directly into the contact center experience through Thrive's science backed, 60-second breaks to help agents reduce stress - triggered at moments when they need it most.

This moment of pause includes:

  • 60 second resets integrated into contact center workflow (with integration partners like Genesys Cloud and NICE CXone).
  • Calming visuals, audio, and breathing prompts.
  • Smart triggers to push Resets at moments an agent is experiencing max stress (such as after consecutive calls or particularly long interactions).
  • Personalized content based on agent feedback from Thrive’s library of 250+ Resets.

With the implementation of Thrive, 92% of agents say that having Thrive Reset has made stress more manageable and 85% of agents feel more effective on calls after receiving a Thrive Reset. This tool allows agents to decompress, refocus, and become reenergized for their next call.

Professional Development Opportunities:
Employees appreciate working for a company that supports their professional growth and development. Investing in team members ensures they have the skills to meet changing customer expectations. Ideas include tuition reimbursement on courses or seminars, budgeting to attend workshops, or providing a reference library of resources for team members or subscriptions to industry organizations or publications.

A Charitable Touch:
Employees want to work for a company that cares. Infuse your celebrations with purpose by supporting local charities. Organize competitions, drives, volunteer outings, or cook-offs that resonate with your team’s passions, fostering a sense of unity beyond the workplace. Choose a local charity that resonates with your team.

A Grand Finale of Gratitude:
As the week draws to a close, shower your team with accolades. Award certificates for teamwork, leadership, and outstanding service awards to not only acknowledge their efforts, but also empower peers to recognize each other’s contributions. Keep the momentum of appreciation alive, investing in every aspect of your team’s experience. Allow team members to nominate those who’ve made a significant impact to the team both internally and externally.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to creating a remarkable Customer Service Week that’s brimming with appreciation, unity, and growth. By nurturing your team’s spirits, you’re ensuring that the positive vibes will ripple outward, touching your valued customers too. Until next time, remember that every interaction matters and every effort counts!

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