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A Message from Glenn Higgins

February 1, 2023
February 1, 2023

Three years ago, EDCi leaders developed and launched a plan to guarantee smooth leadership transition, for both customers and employees, when I decided it was time to retire.  Over these last three years, I have slowly stepped back from many duties while Sarah and Dan have picked up much of the corporate decision making.  So today, we are excited to take the next step in our plan!  Sarah will be promoted to President of the corporation and Dan to Executive Vice President / COO.  I will take a new role of CEO.

Sarah’s role will continue to involve managing the customer care, marketing and corporate development areas.  Dan will remain focused on the data center and modern workplace areas, along with managing business operations and risk mitigation.  Both Sarah and Dan will continue to work jointly on leading our software group and strategic initiatives.  I will continue on our Executive Leadership Team.

It is my belief that our transition plan has been and will continue to be successful, as we have striven toward a goal of transparency – to both clients and employees – throughout this process.  I am proud of both Dan and Sarah.  Both have excelled since they started with EDCi/Electroline, 15 and 12 years ago respectively.  Dan joined the team as Manager of Engineering, and with his career experience behind him, guided us successfully into the world of service delivery, before diving into management of business operations.  Sarah started in sales for Electroline, taking a greenfield territory and making it profitable within three years.  From there she moved into our customer care group and managed the practice’s largest accounts successfully for over five years.  Most importantly, however, Dan and Sarah have developed a fantastic working relationship, leveraging each other’s strengths to continuously make the best decisions for EDCi – our clients and employees.

We congratulate Dan and Sarah on these new roles and look forward to the future at EDCi and Electroline! 


Sarah Higgins
Dan Suda
Executive Vice President/COO
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