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May 16, 2024

Step into Darren's shoes as he shares his journey as a Customer Experience Intern at EDCi. From his passions to the lessons learned during his internship, Darren provides a first hand account of his time at EDCi and offers insights into his aspirations for the future. Join us as Darren highlights his experiences, achievements, and impactful moments that have shaped his professional path.

What first interested you in the technology field?

What first interested me in the technology field was one of my earliest friends growing up. He always talked about soldering, using embedded systems, coding, or just fun ways to tinker around science experiments. Since I was 10 years old, I have been fascinated with hands-on building, deconstructing, frame-working, and learning more about computer architecture. This experience eventually led me to study computer science in college.

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside work, I also have another job coaching football/weight training. The time I spend on this can vary at times of the year. In college, I also studied Strength and Conditioning (Kinesiology). I spent two semesters working with different athletic teams, implementing regiments, providing workout plans, and learning new knowledge in the field. Aside from coaching, I enjoy simple hobbies like exercise, hanging out with friends, and building embedded systems projects like Arduino.

When you were at school, what was your most interesting course and why?

My favorite college course was Database Management Systems. This class stood out particularly because it emphasized teamwork projects and real-world industry standards in technology. I especially remember the countless times outside of class when my partners and I had to contemplate and test our theories on whether a certain design would work, a stretch goal, or something like, ‘Wouldn’t this thing be cool?’ I appreciate the time and friends I made in this class.

What has your experience been when working with EDCi so far?

My experience working here at EDCi has been great professionally and personally. My team has been tremendous with their time and dedication to helping each other in whatever way they can. There is a genuine sense of care and attention to detail, which makes working on projects and communicating remarkably effective. I especially appreciate the times I had the opportunity to meet additional members of our company, whether it was at a sales event or an in-person party.

What have been the high points of your internship experience so far?

The best moments of my time here have been working with Steven A. and the Customer Experience sales team. They have been great resources and help in the work and projects that I do daily. Steven has been tremendously helpful in teaching me the framework of Genesys Cloud and is a great, upstanding person.

Have you learned anything exciting or new during your internship?

I have been working and experimenting with AI systems, which may be used in other projects in the future. Since joining here, I have learned a lot, particularly about the cloud framework that facilitates most of the work that goes on a day-to-day basis.

How would you define EDCi company culture?

The company culture at EDCi is like that of a big family. It is a tight-knit group bonded by the tradition of hardworking, humble individuals making a difference everyday.

What are your goals for your internship and your career?

My goals for this job are to build my knowledge, skills, and awareness of efficient standards for implementing and improving framework design. I want to be proficient and expand my knowledge to meet ever-changing industry standards.

What experience are you gaining as an intern to help cultivate your career path and goals?

I'm learning to build on my strengths, challenge myself, and grow in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. At EDCi, each day can present a blend of consistency and something new. This dynamic opportunity offers both rewards and challenges. These experiences are essential for my personal growth and career journey.

What makes EDCi stand out as a company with which to affiliate? Why EDCi?

In addition to their family-like culture, mentorship, and the sense of care and attention to detail - EDCi's onboarding process was seamless and extremely helpful - something that can often go unnoticed. Everyone has been exceptionally thoughtful and welcoming.

Do you have any advice for students who may be looking for an internship or career in technology?

For students looking for a career in technology - I recommend to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Be comfortable feeling uncertain at times. In addition, know that not every path in this field warrants those same results. As a young high school kid or college student, the best path most often is finding a 4-year program, boot camp, or even military service in contract work after committed service. These types of topics could be hardware, software, cyber security, or even something broader in technical writing. Your passion will outweigh any inconveniences along the way as long you are willing to feel uncomfortable in certain moments.

Darren H.

Customer Experience Intern

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