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Riverside Medical Clinics - Moving to the Cloud, Integrating to Epic

March 25, 2022

Riverside Medical Clinics Understand the Importance of a Single Patient Communication Platform.

AI-driven customer service journeys are critical to competitive differentiation – and for empathetic and personalized patient experiences. Explore this case study to discover how Riverside Medical Clinics was able to reduce average patient wait times from 15-17 minutes to only 2 minutes with the help of Genesys and EDCi.

Riverside Medical Clinics (RMC) recently evolved their contact center into a Patient Engagement Center, with a focus on making the lives of their patients easier. They achieved this goal by:

  1. Migrating from a premise-based contact center solution to a flexible cloud-based solution, designed to grow with them into the future.
  2. Integrating their contact center system to their EMR System, Epic.

Tony Hoang, Vice President of IT at Riverside Medical Clinics, oversees the clinic’s IT needs for approximately 100 patient service agents. Hoang and his team have worked tirelessly over the past year to reinvent their patient engagement center and its daily functionality.

Tony’s team recognized that, as Riverside Medical Clinics continued to grow, so did the demand for an automated solution that serves real-time patient data to contact center agents. They sought a more efficient and comprehensive solution to save their agents time, while subsequently improving the overall patient experience. With their existing software, Riverside Medical Clinics faced a trend of historical data not being presented until the following day. Often, this was too late to address real-time with patients, causing a need for follow up calls from the agents.  With their new system, real-time data accessibility has increased patient satisfaction, in addition to reporting accuracy to leadership.

At a glance, this case study includes:

  • Turnkey Solution
  • Agent Adoption
  • Simplified Workflow
  • Call Metrics

Read the Full Case Study Here: Riverside Medical Clinics - Moving to the Cloud, Integrating to Epic

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