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The Basics of Immutable Backups

May 5, 2022
May 5, 2022

Expect More From Your Data Protection

Your data is essential to keeping your business running. You need a robust solution that is powerful and flexible enough to protect all phases of your data life cycle and secure enough to stand up against cyber threats.  

Is your current backup solution ready for this task? 

It is estimated that every 11 seconds, a business falls victim to a ransomware attack.

By the time you have finished reading this article, ransomware will have been deployed many times over. Impeding mission-critical systems and causing unexpected downtime for its unsuspecting victims. 

So, lets get down to it, what is an immutable backup and why are they important? 

An immutable backup cannot be altered or changed and is the best ransomware deterrent to your backups. They should be able to deploy to production servers immediately in case of ransomware attacks or other data loss. Immutable backups allow you to find and recover the last clean backup your system has on record and help guarantee recovery from a ransomware attack. 

Immutable backup storage can help in the following cases: 

  • Production data is corrupted or compromised 
  • Accidental deletion of production data 
  • Insider malicious activity, administrators modifying backup job retention or deleting restore points 

Benefits of Immutable Backups 

  • Recover files without worrying about losing them again 
  • Better testing and development environments 
  • Continuous protection against ransomware attacks 
  • Fast restoration of all versions 
  • Speed up recovery times with immutable storage copies 
  • Backups make Organizations Feel Safe 
  • No more Unauthorized Changes 

Immutable backups are crucial to ensure that companies have a copy of data that is always recoverable and secure from unforeseen accidents. Read our blog, Ransomware Capabilities Essential for Reliable and Rapid Recovery to learn more about best practices to take when it comes to defending your organization against ransomware attacks.

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