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Drive Agent Productivity in the Healthcare Call Center

April 27, 2022

A good customer experience is vital to your call center, and so is the technology that delivers it. Our contact center platform provides an ideal solution for organizations wanting to deliver a great customer experience with detailed analytics and reporting. Your organization can increase agent productivity and efficiency, create a better brand image for your company, and improve ROI and performance across the board.

Our product, EHRConnect®, will drive agent productivity and improve the overall patient experience in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Automate patient communications (i.e., appointment reminders)
  2. Provide Self-service options through IVR
  3. Maximize technology for superior outcomes

Here’s How:

Automate Patient Communications

When it comes to augmenting seats, this can be done through the contact center using our EHRConnect integration to dip into EMR (Electronic Medical Records ie: Epic) to Empower Agents and Augment Seats in real time. EHRConnect also serves real-time authentication of patient data to your contact center agents with a screen pop from your electronic health records. By using automation, adhering to business protocols, and mapping patient history you can turn your contact center into a revenue generating solution.

When a patient first makes contact, they are routed through a digital front door. This is a conversational front door powered by artificial intelligence for voice, text, and chat. The front door’s purpose is to gain the patient’s identity and intent to route them to the right agent with intelligent routing. EHRConnect front door allows the patient to authenticate, check insurance, update demographics, and manage upcoming appointments without speaking to an agent.

For the uncontained calls, EHRConnect is able to authenticate the patient, identify if the call is for billing, appointment reminders, or an outreach campaign. This in turn, shaves off an average of 90 seconds on every call.

When the patient is routed to the correct agent, EHRConnect provides a screen pop to the electronic health record window that is the most appropriate for the caller’s intent. The screen pop provides the agent with call history, upcoming appointments, outstanding bills, appointment protocol questions, and much more.

Knowing your patients better will help you schedule appointments, understand why patients have a high no-show rate, and tell you why they have contacted you recently. EHRConnect will allow your agents to help patients beyond the primary reason for their call providing a complete end-to-end experience.

When it comes to appointment reminders or balancing cancellations EHRConnect can help automate this process and save your agent’s time. Here’s How:

Appointment Reminders:

EHRConnect allows real-time, two-way appointment reminders using the patients preferred communication channel. The two-way communication allows the patient to respond to reminders and confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment. Advanced conversational artificial intelligence seamlessly processes reschedule appointments without the need for agent intervention. EHRConnect can manage a large variety of appointment types, including primary care, referrals, refills, and OptTime reminders.

Balancing Cancellations:

When a patient cancels their appointment, EHRConnect will automatically reach out to patients on the waitlist to fill the open slot. This is a great way to eliminate downtime and generate additional revenue!

Provide Self-Service Options through IVR

With over 60% of call volume being scheduling/billing, we are able to contain over 40% of those patients in self-service. Conversational AI allows each interaction to feel unique and relevant, while also reducing effort and resolution time. Self-service options through IVR include inbound appointment scheduling, inbound appointment management, proactive rescheduling (emergency closing, sick doctor, etc.), or patient outreach. In addition, self-service can also assist in marketing campaigns – utilizing new patient greeting, welcome packets, or wellness and preventative outreach.

Inbound Appointment Scheduling – EHRConnect with conversational artificial intelligence can help patients schedule their primary care visits without speaking to an agent.

Inbound Appointment Management – The patient is received by EHRConnect’s front door and artificial intelligence predicts why the patient is calling. EHRConnect presents them with the ability to manage their upcoming appointment by confirming, rescheduling, or cancelling without talking to an agent.

Proactive Rescheduling – EHRConnect can instantly reschedule a day-of appointment if a clinician is out of the office or weather requires the day to be rescheduled.

Patient Outreach – EHRConnect can provide marketing and outreach efforts for your organization using advanced notification and real-time integration. Messaging includes new patient greetings, welcome packets, preventive wellness outreach, and care pathways.

Maximize Technology for Superior Outcomes

EHRConnect transforms the healthcare contact center into a single patient communication platform. Point solutions for appointment reminders are costly and the siloed technology can create confusion for patients. EHRConnect can send appointment reminders for you and eliminate reminders after patients have cancelled their appointment.

Companies using our agent-focused omni-channel tools, deep analytics, powerful reporting, and smart performance management, understand how and when to make intentional decisions to improve their operations. That being said, by providing agents with all the information in one screen keeps call center employees engaged and satisfied which is essential to boosting contact center performance, retention, and an overall better patient experience

Centralize your patient communications and take control of where, when, and how you communicate with your patients. Not only is our contact center platform easy to use and loved by agents, but it also improves productivity by automating patient communications, provides self-service options through IVR, and maximizes technology for superior outcomes. From a management perspective, you will be able to analyze data and simplify agent experience, all while engaging and empowering your agents.

Want more information on the EHRConnect Integration? Watch this quick video to learn more about its capabilities:


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