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3 Ways AI Can Address Your Healthcare Call Center Challenges

April 27, 2022

It is no secret that managers are struggling to fill seats in their healthcare contact centers. Often, understaffed contact centers can lead to decreased  morale, patient service, and  efficiency. Now is the time to bridge the gap between the contact center and your electronic medical records (EMR) and put the power of automation to work for you!

If you are struggling to with patients spending too long on hold, high no show rates, or agents tied up with frequent questions… Read along with us to discover how AI can help address your healthcare call center challenges.

Elevate Efficiency in Your Healthcare Contact Center

EHRConnect, transforms new and existing contact centers into a single patient communication platform with technology you already own. By using automation, adhering to business protocols, and mapping patient history, you can turn your contact center into a revenue-generating solution. EHRConnect will also save your agents time and improve the overall patient experience. Learn how EHRConnect can help your contact center run more efficiently:

Lower Call Handle Time and Improve Agent Automation

Save 90 seconds on every call

Too much time spent on hold can create a poor patient experience. In fact, 60% of customers feel that waiting on hold for just one minute is too long. Lower your call handle time and give your agents a full view of the patient: referrals, no-show rates, and demographics with an EHR screen pop.

With over 60% of call volume being scheduling/billing, we are able to contain over 40% of those patients in self-service. Conversational AI allows each interaction to feel unique and relevant, while also reducing effort and resolution time. Self-service options through IVR include inbound appointment scheduling, inbound appointment management, proactive rescheduling (emergency closing, sick doctor, etc.), or patient outreach. In addition, self-service can also assist in marketing campaigns – utilizing new patient greeting, welcome packets, or wellness and preventative outreach.

Implement Automated Appointment Reminders

10% reduction in no show rates

Take control of where, when, and how agents communicate with their patients in a cost-effective manner. This option allows for flexibility and improved customer satisfaction, eliminating unnecessary calls by utilizing automated appointment reminders through voice, text, and chat.

EHRConnect allows real-time, two-way appointment reminders using the patients preferred communication channel. The two-way communication allows the patient to respond to reminders and confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment. Advanced conversational artificial intelligence seamlessly processes reschedule appointments without the need for agent intervention. EHRConnect can manage a large variety of appointment types, including primary care, referrals, refills, and OptTime reminders.

When a patient cancels their appointment, EHRConnect will automatically reach out to patients on the waitlist to fill the open slot. This is a great way to eliminate downtime and generate additional revenue!

Introduce Primary Care Self-Service and Save Your Agents Time

40% deflection rates in primary care self-service

Save your agents time by self-servicing new primary care appointments, frequently asked questions, and rescheduling appointments. By deflecting frequent questions, self-service systems allow agents the freedom to address more complex interactions where they can use their expertise, such as empathy and understanding, to deliver the reassurance and problem-solving that patients seek.

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