Top 10 Citrix Value Adds to Windows Virtual Desktop

August 21, 2020
August 21, 2020

The partnership between Citrix and Microsoft that was announced in July is sure to bring many benefits to the IT world. These two tech giants have been leaders in the field for years, here’s a look at what Citrix will bring to the Windows Virtual Desktop world.

1. Hybrid Cloud Management

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides a single management interface for Citrix workloads, on-premises or in Azure. Migrate capacity burst, or load balance between datacenter and cloud.

2. Citrix HDX Technology

Citrix leading-edge protocol delivers user experience on any device, over any connection. Leverage built-in optimizations for interactive multimedia performance for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and industry-standard unified communications apps.

3. Performance and Security Analytics

Targeted specifically at app and desktop virtualization, Citrix analytics tools give administrators deep visibility into user behavior and session responsiveness. This gives IT the power to proactively monitor performance related issues before they affect your user’s productivity.

4. Workspace Environment Management

Optimize user density and logon performance with a suite of technologies targeted to improve user experience while maximizing the value of IT spend.

5. Session Recording

Access full record and playback of user sessions for issue diagnosis, compliance, training or security audits.

6. Citrix App Protection and Watermarking

Protect your environment from accidental or malicious data leakage.

7. Advanced Monitoring

Admin and help desk tool built for enterprise scale. Monitor site and session health, track user sessions, diagnose issues, and more.

8. Auto Scale

Scale your environment up or out based on schedule or load. Make the best use of your existing datacenter investment and or use the elasticity of the cloud as needed. Scale cloud workloads dynamically on demand, great for seasonal work.

9. Citrix Provisioning

Tools that simplify administration and enhance environment reliability. Rapidly deploy environments of any scale.

10. Citrix App Layering

Flexible OS, application, and user layer technology enables an enhanced user experience while leveraging non-persistent environments.To learn more about optimizing your virtual experience contact EDCi. We have a team dedicated to helping organizations make the most of Modern Workplace technologies and solutions.

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