Genesys Receives National Recognition

April 27, 2018
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Last week Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consultancy organization, announced that Genesys was honored with the North American Company of the Year award for its leadership in the contact center industry. Congratulations Genesys!So, why is this a big deal to EDCi? Because Genesys is our partner of choice for the contact center solutions that we build and deploy. EDCi is recognized as a leader in the contact center space and much of that success is due to our partnership with Genesys and their commitment to building a great product.Frost & Sullivan praised Genesys for their innovation saying that Genesys solutions help clients identify unmet customer needs and implement effective customer experience strategies ahead of competitors and we’ve found this to be true. The company’s Blended AI strategy, which combines bots with the human touch to solve customer problems faster, is an example of the innovative approach Genesys is taking to infuse AI into customer care.Genesys leads by example and is dedicated to its partners. It’s because of this that EDCi has had so much success in helping our clients to provide an exceptional customer experience. Kudos Genesys, we look forward to partnering with you for years to come!Want to learn more about how EDCi uses the Genesys platform and how it can transform your contact center? Contact us at

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