Citrix Announces XenMobile 10.6.5

July 6, 2017

Citrix has recently announced the release of the XenMobile 10.6.5 public store client. XenMobile 10.6.5 includes updated public store versions of Secure Hub, Secure Mail and Secure Web for iOS and Android.The XenMobile 10.6.5 Secure Hub for iOS and Android is available in public app stores as of June 28, 2017. The Secure Mail and Secure Web for iOS and Android available is available as of June 29, 2017.

XenMobile 10.6.5 client features

Secure Hub Touch ID – Fingerprint authentication when offline or app inactivity.  When fingerprint authentication is enabled, users can now sign on by using a fingerprint when offline authentication is required because of app inactivity. Users still have to enter a PIN when signing on to Secure Hub for the first time and when restarting the device.Personal Calendar account selection (Android) - From Secure Mail you can now select which personal calendars appear on the settings screen.New analytics policy for Secure Mail (iOS and Android) - Citrix collects analytics data to improve product quality. The Google Analytics level of detail policy allows you to specify whether the data collected can be associated with your company domain or collected anonymously.  Selecting Anonymous opts users out of including the company domain with the data that is collected. This new policy replaces an earlier Google analytics policy. Note that other than company domain, no other identifiable information is collected when the policy is set to complete.Additional documentation including full feature list, known issues and fixed issues can be found at

Important notes:

XenMobile 9 end-of-life is June 30th, 2017. Here are some resources to assist with planning  your move to XenMobile 10.XenMobile Technical SupportQuestions? Contact the Citrix experts at EDCi, an authorized Citrix partner.

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