3 Reasons why YOU should attend Taste of Technology

February 4, 2020

EDCi will hold their 8th annual Taste of Technology conference in March of 2020. Taste of Technology has been Wisconsin's leading technology event for a number of years. It features local and national speakers, educational presentations, valuable tech demos, as well as exciting networking and business development opportunities. Still not convinced you should attend? Here are three reasons you should ...

1. Learn From Industry Leaders and Your Peers

If you are a technical person by nature or know your job like the “back of your hand”, you probably like to bounce ideas off your peers to see if you can improve your work or solution.  I don’t mean you want to give away the ‘secret sauce’ but perhaps you have a nagging or reoccurring problem and, chances are, if you are struggling with something, one of your peers is or has as well.

2. Expand Your Network

It’s good to have a healthy and promoting professional network as a part of your long-term career goals.  I always hear the term ‘small-waukee’ which is a reference to Milwaukee, but in the sense that we are never more than 2 or 3 degrees away from knowing everyone that has the same profession as we do.

3. Invigorate Your Passion for Technology

Keep the flame alive! Think back to what made you become a technology practitioner in the first place.  Was is to write an application that could improve the way people work?  Was it to make sure people are connected to the internet wherever they are in your facilities?  You may not realize it, but you have made a positive impact on the business or clients you serve.  Unfortunately, folks don’t call IT to tell them they are having a great day with no issues on their system.  Attending Taste of Technology will introduce you to - and allow you to witness firsthand - the edge of innovation in technology.Oh, and did I mention there will be a ton of food and beverages? Definitely no shortage of that. So, register today and join me and the rest of the EDCi team at this great event. You’ll hear new and interesting ideas, meet new people and come away with a renewed energy for Technology. See you there!

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