COVID-19 resources

The Business Impacts of Covid in the Contact Center

The Covid-19 pandemic the world is experiencing is like nothing we have ever seen. It has left both individuals and businesses scrambling to adapt to “the new normal.” Covid has challenged businesses in many industries, including Customer Service and technology. Many of these challenges have been across the board, but EDCi did find some unique […]

Top 10 Citrix Value Adds to Windows Virtual Desktop

The partnership between Citrix and Microsoft that was announced in July is sure to bring many benefits to the IT world. These two tech giants have been leaders in the field for years, here’s a look at what Citrix will bring to the Windows Virtual Desktop world. 1. Hybrid Cloud Management Citrix Virtual Apps and […]

Citrix and Microsoft

Citrix and Microsoft Announce Partnership to Accelerate the Future of Work

EDCi has been a long-time partner of both Citrix and Microsoft. A few weeks ago the companies jointly announced a new partnership that will greatly benefit their partners and customers when it comes to the future of work. Here are some of the key take-aways from the press release. The NEW Multi-Year Partnership Agreement intended […]