The Health and Success of Your Organization Depends on Security

March 16, 2017
Data Security

In today’s high-risk world, it’s more challenging than ever to defend your organization against ever-increasing attack surfaces, security vulnerabilities and social engineering attacks. In order to defend your network and data efficiently, you need to implement strong processes and integrated security technologies. The experienced data security specialists at EDCi have recently done some great things to make strides against these attacks, here are a few examples:

Example 1:

EDCi's Cyber Security Team worked closely with a Wisconsin-based, private-brand food distribution company to provide a security program overview, education and framework. As a valued partner, EDCi provided the necessary education and background for our client to understand the critical components necessary for bridging business strategy, process and regulatory compliance with ISO 27001/27002 standards and guidelines. We then helped address the identified security gaps and risks to provide better budgetary figures, needed personnel resources and an overview of their high risk areas.

Example 2:

In this next example, a Fortune 500 international construction company chose the EDCi Cyber Security Team to perform pre-audits and readiness/gap assessments for their NIST and ISO frameworks. This pre-assessment assisted the internal staff in recognizing and remediating potential gaps in their existing security. With the gap analysis in hand, they were able to see security controls that required immediate attention (based upon risk), as well as those that were aligned with core business strategies, and those that were aligned with strategic partnerships. This allowed them to provide upper management with the necessary contractual security requirements for that partnership. As a result of the EDCi assessments the company refocused its efforts on achieving compliance to a core partner security framework and its specific requirements.In this day and age data security is not something to be taken lightly – the health and success of your organization depends on keeping your data secure! EDCi has worked as a trusted partner with numerous organizations to developed the processes, experiences and knowledge to lead you through developing your organizational commitment to security. Give us a call to get started on your assessment today!Learn more about EDCi's Security offering

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