Statement on Genesys Acquisition of Interactive Intelligence

January 13, 2017

On August 31, 2016 Interactive Intelligence announced they had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Genesys. And last week, on December 1, that transaction was completed! The team at EDCi is excited to move forward as your contact center expert by leveraging both our extensive expertise with the Interactive product suite, as well as the resources afforded by our expanded partnership Genesys.“With this announcement, Genesys ushers in a new era in customer experience,” said Paul Segre, chief executive officer of Genesys. “The combination of Genesys and Interactive Intelligence creates the largest innovation leader purely focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. We’re pleased to welcome the Interactive Intelligence team.”The Genesys Customer Experience Platform Portfolio will involve continued development of Interactive Intelligence’s CIC and CAAS, as well as PureCloud. This will be in addition to Genesys’s Enterprise Edition. The product suite is detailed in the graphic below.


The commitment to further R&D in both PureCloud and CIC (now PureConnect), will allow EDCI to continue delivering top-notch solutions to both our customer base and new organizations. Furthermore, we will be able to expand our feature offerings with the help of existing Genesys tools.As your technology and communication partner, we remain committed to you throughout this journey. In fact, we have already begun establishing a solid partnership with Genesys in order to best serve you! We value our business relationships and will do everything we can to help enhance your customer experience offerings.

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