EDCi Releases EHRConnect Software

April 23, 2018

Contact Center Software That Will Revolutionize Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry Appleton, WI – April 20, 2018 – EDCi is pleased to announce the release of our new EHRConnect software product. EDCi, a provider of communication and technology solutions, has been a leader in the contact center technology space for nearly 15 years. We design and implement solutions that optimize processes for our customers and transform the customer experience.EHRConnect will revolutionize customer service in the healthcare industry. The product effectively connects popular electronic health record systems with contact center platforms, such as Genesys, allowing contact center agents to have patient information at their fingertips before they even pick up a call. Patient information follows the caller as they are transferred to different departments eliminating the need to repeat key information - a known irritant to patients on the phone.“This is a first-of-its-kind integration” said Jake Beyer, Director of Customer Care at EDCi. “It’s our way of connecting the contact center to an electronic health record solution. This tool will allow healthcare organizations to provide an excellent patient experience while enjoying reduced call handle times which ultimately leads to some significant costs savings.”Some of the key features of the EHRConnect software include a screen pop that automatically opens to the patient profile when they call in; self-service functionality for billing inquiries, payment, and appointment cancellation and rescheduling; and proactive communication which allows patients to receive informational messages or reminders to schedule an appointment or refill a prescription via email, call, or SMS. “A typical call costs between $7 and $15 per call” stated Beyer. “By using these automated options the cost of a call can be reduced to dimes; between ten and twenty cents.”Contact EDCi today to learn more about the EHRConnect software and how you can use the patient information your organization has stored to create a better patient experience. Call 920-882-1936 or visit our website at https://edci.com/ehrconnect.[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://edci.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EHRConnect-Video.mp4"][/video]

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EDCi is a leading provider of communication and technology solutions through the Midwest and the United States. Our areas of focus include data center, security, application delivery, critical infrastructure and contact center technologies, as well as managed services. EDCi demonstrates proven excellence in strategic needs assessment, project management, design, installation, risk management, training, and post-sales support.  These skills set EDCi apart from the competition and ensure our customers’ needs are met today and in the future. To connect with EDCi, visit www.edci.com.

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