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Beyond the Hype: Real AI Stories

We are keeping it real this year by sharing AI stories from local and global companies and brands. This is a great conference for businesses that are interested in AI but don’t know where to start and businesses that are just beginning their AI transitions. Hear about what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to AI at Envision 2019.

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Where Tech and Business Push the Boundaries

It does not matter if you are on the train or not, AI is going to transform every industry. (We suggest you hop on!) Our goal at Envision is to help every industry understand their AI potential. Our speakers will bring real life lessons and stories about their AI integration.

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*Presentation You Will Hear:

Will You Work for a Robot, Karl Gouverneur
Today’s businesses continue their digital transformation driven by widespread wireless and broadband internet access, commoditization of compute through cloud adoption, and democratization of smartphones. However, digital transformation requires more than the adoption of modern digital infrastructure. Digital transformation increasingly requires leveraging digital infrastructure to feed intelligent systems that will rival human judgment and address complex, real-world tasks. Join Northwestern Mutual’s Karl Gouverneur, VP Digital Workplace, Corporate Solutions and Head of Digital Innovation, for his 2019 technology outlook where he contextualizes our digital past and probes the potential of our digital future. Understand why companies, rather than consumers, are better situated to leverage AI and reshape our workplaces, communities, and lives.

Centralize Your Self-Service Operations and Delight Customers with IBM Watson, Giulio Soliani
Companies benefit when they deliver instant and proactive resolutions to customer issues through the channels in which they are most comfortable with. Customer service and support organizations are being asked to deliver against these higher expectations while still maintaining customer satisfaction and resolution rates. Organizations have therefore turned to chatbots to tackle the most common interactions, questions and tasks. However chatbots are not enough. Customers are not simply looking to have conversations with brands; they want to complete tasks easily and efficiently and feel confident and valued while doing so.

That is where IBM Watson Assistant’s comes in as the smarter AI for businesses. Watson Assistant is a conversational application that understands natural language questions, and enables true customer self-service. It can automatically respond to customer questions, via chat, text, phone, social media, and other methods. When training, Watson Assistant learns with less data compared to other technologies, and it can also recommend new topics to highlight gaps in training, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to get started. Customers get straight to the answer 24/7, and organizations benefit from reduced calls and chats with live agents.

From Brick to Mortar to Digital Superhero: DSW’s Journey to AI-Powered Virtual Agents, Tim Harpe
As consumer habits shifted and digital technology took hold of the Customer Experience, DSW set out on a journey to extend their incredible in-store experience to digital environments, as well. In this interactive session, attendees will hear from Tim Harpe, Director of Customer Operations-Digital, as he details DSW’s transformation to AI-powered virtual agents, which brought operational savings without sacrificing an ounce of CX. Key takeaways include how conversational AI contributed to overall business growth, which calls/chats are perfect for AI-enabled self-service, the key metrics for tracking success, and how Tim turned from “AI skeptic” to “believer” in just a few short months.

Comedy Skit, Gary Loop
As a former speaker at EDCi’s Taste of Technology, Gary Loop returns in another capacity…and no, in the spirit of AI, he is not coming back as a bot or a cyborg. So, as a mere mortal and unlike AI, he will require food and sleep in order to operate. Additionally, he may not bring the 100% speaking precision of AI and dare we say, he may actually use a human word like “um” at least during his time with us. Gary will create a lively environment by emceeing the event throughout the day and by the time we are done, he will then transition into a stand up comedian. What he lacks in power cords and the precision of AI, he will double down by bringing an infectious level of energy to Envision, 2019.

The Future is Closer Than You Think, Pete Dulcamara
Briefly, in the last 20 years, there was 50% turnover of the S&P 500 and another 50% turnover is expected in the next 10 years.  How do you future-proof your business?  The rate of innovation is accelerating at an exponential pace but many of our companies are still growing at a linear pace – why?  It seems like many of our companies are like a Rip Van Winkle.  We fell asleep in the 20th century.  We have woken up in the 21st century and this digital thing is transforming everything in its path.   We are seeing exponential organizations that are deceptively small one minute and then completely disruptive the next with new business models, new channels, new operating systems, and new payment methods (think Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, and Bitcoin).  At the same time, our business partners in our own companies want more from R&D and the people in R&D sometimes “play the victim” waiting for someone to tell them what to innovate.  In many companies we see a vicious cycle of people fearful of their jobs playing politics and these politics leading to poor performance and this poor performance leading to further insecurity; round & round we go.  This presentation discusses how to get out of our comfort zone and drive better business performance.  In addition, this presentation will discuss some of the most transformative technologies shaping our world today and offer a model to help create a “Moore’s Law” for your business with the aim to double your revenue with half the cost in twice the speed, and to make R&D the very best investment possible for your company.  How can your company use the new tools of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to not survive but to thrive in today’s world.

Show and Tell… A Chatbot Journey
Chatbots are fast becoming a valuable tool for improving the customer experience, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.  They can respond faster than a human and are available 24×7 at your customer’s convenience.  Chatbots offload work from staffers and allow them to spend more time on the most challenging situations…a win win for everyone!  Except….when your bot fails….how do we ensure a successful interaction with a customer? We will introduce to you, the Envision Chatbot. Your resource for the Envision event.  Join us to see the inner-workings of a bot and experience (live in the audience) how a bot learns!  Bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop to participate or follow along. You will get to see some best practices in action and watch how each has an impact on the quality of your bot.  We will share Character features, Design rules and Training tips for maintaining a productive chatbot.



Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is a unique venue that will host our AI conference. Come for the conference and stay for fun afterwards!






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