Cloud Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery

As the amount of data your company has grows, and compliance regulations require longer retention and more security, traditional tape backup solutions struggle to keep up.  Cloud-based storage costs a fraction of a cent per GB each month and doesn’t have the overhead associated with tape management making it an attractive option for disaster recovery, backup and archiving.

A good backup solution should follow the 3-2-1 rule, three copies of all data on at least two different forms of media, with one copy kept offsite. The offsite copy has always been the challenge with tape based backup solutions. Tapes are fragile, they require climate controlled environments for long term storage, they are sensitive to physical impacts, and can become unreadable as new tape technologies emerge. Cloud based object storage provides an inexpensive, durable, and secure alternative.

Once you back your data up to cloud based storage, it can be used as a durable long term data archive.  Your data can be automatically moved to less expensive tiers of cloud based storage, and marked as read only to provide an immutable archive which helps meet compliance regulations.  It can also be configured to be automatically deleted once it is no longer needed.  By using cloud based storage you will be billed only for the amount of storage you use each month, eliminating the need for large capital expenditures associated with keeping archived data, while providing a more durable, future-proof solution.

By using the proper tools to back up your servers and store the data in cloud based storage it is possible to recover your servers as virtual machines in the cloud. Some tools can automate this process with run books to provide an automated disaster recovery solution. Unlike other disaster recovery solutions where you need to pay to have server hardware available to recover onto, with a cloud based solution, you simply pay for the storage needed for your backups, and only pay for compute resources when they are needed for testing or in the event of a disaster.

Data Storage, Archiving and Disaster Recovery Business Cases

Data Storage and Archiving

ABC Company needs to place 1 million files with an average size of 50MB into cold storage/ archive over the course of 5 years.

Cloud vs. On prem costs for data storage and archiving, business case

Disaster Recovery

By modernizing their backup and DR tools and moving disaster recovery to the cloud, a sample company showed the following three year ROI.

Disaster Recovery business case - fig 1

The following calculations are based on a $50 million a year company with 16 mission critical servers that are required to conduct business, being backed up with a traditional tape based solution. All costs and savings are based on three years of operation to show a three year ROI.

Disaster Recovery business case - fig 2

Disaster Recovery business case - fig 3

Three year ROI from moving DR to the cloud for the 16 critical servers equaled $106,326.00.

Disaster Recovery business case - fig 4