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The Business Impacts of Covid in the Contact Center

The Covid-19 pandemic the world is experiencing is like nothing we have ever seen. It has left both individuals and businesses scrambling to adapt to “the new normal.” Covid has challenged businesses in many industries, including Customer Service and technology. Many of these challenges have been across the board, but EDCi did find some unique […]

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The Power of Virtual Agents in Uncertain Times

During this pandemic, I have had extra time to think about how to come out of this crisis full steam ahead, learning from the current situation, and anticipating shifts in organizational demands. I have been asking myself two questions: What can we do to handle the immediate shift in expectations in customer communication? What can […]

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3 Ways to Alleviate Healthcare Call Center Stress Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Life was crazy in the healthcare realm before COVID-19, as influenza cases were at an all-time high. Add in a pandemic and crazy became crazier! On one hand, there has been an increase in appointments being cancelled and rescheduled, resulting from fear of contracting the virus by visiting the clinic.  This has caused a burden […]

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When it Comes to a Bot, Persona is King

Meet Marty! Marty joined EDCi in October 2019. He is a virtual assistant built on the IBM Watson platform. The EDCi team created him to assist our event attendees with common questions about our events (and to entertain them). Our goal with Marty was to be able to address conference questions without having to answer […]

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4 Healthcare Contact Center Best Practices to Improve the Patient Experience

A well-run healthcare contact center can help ensure that each of your patients is set on a positive path. This is critical because patients today have options – they can always find another provider. That’s why each interaction needs to be perfect. A patient should consistently have the highest quality experience, no matter whether they […]

What do YOU think AI is?

What do YOU think AI is?

Have you ever asked anyone the question “What is Artificial Intelligence”?  You may get a wide variety of answers.  I recently spent a few days asking some friends and colleagues about AI; the first response from most people, was “Terminator”. I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger had quite an impact on his viewers!  I also heard “it’s […]

Best Practices for Global Customer Care Teams Servicing Global Customers

Follow the Sun “Follow the Sun” is an appealing support model for those who need to provide global customer care 24/7 without interruption. In this model, service teams work their traditional business hours and pass work to a global team when their shift ends; hence, the work continues around the clock (i.e. follow the sun). […]

Banking in the Age of Fintech – Takeaway from Genesys CX18

Banking in the Age of Fintech – Takeaway from Genesys CX18

The banking sector has had its fair share of controversies and scandals. Bill Gates made the remark over 25 years ago that retail banks are “dinosaurs”. That statement has never been more clear than today in the age of financial technology, AKA “fintech”. Banking in the Age of Fintech While traditional banks have adopted technologies […]

Authentication – Are You Who You Claim to Be?

Authentication – Are You Who You Claim to Be?

In the wake of large data breaches and a consistent rise in digital security threats, organizations are taking more steps to protect their customers. How are they doing this? Most organizations use some form of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to customer information. What is Authentication? Authentication is a systematic or manual evaluation used to […]

EDCi Acquires Attalus Contact Center Business

EDCi Acquires Attalus Contact Center Business

EDCi Acquires Contact Center Business of Milwaukee-Based Attalus, LLC; Grows Contact Center Practice Appleton, WI – May 1, 2018 – EDCi, a Wisconsin-based provider of contact center, communication and technology solutions, announced today the acquisition of Attalus LLC’s Genesys contact center business. This strategic acquisition fits with EDCi’s corporate mission,  enabling the company to establish […]